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Unlocking Success: Meet Our Franchisee, Matt Barrett

Locksmith standing in front of van
Locksmith standing in front of van

When considering whether a Franchise is the right move, the first question many people ask us is: “How quickly can I be up & running?”

Well, just a few short weeks can see you out there earning great money as a respected Locksmith, but don’t take our word for it – read what Matt Barrett – one of our recently launched business partners has to say about his personal experiences as a LockRite Locksmith:

“I decided to join LockRite in May 2021. So come June this year, I will hit the two-year mark.

I first knew about LockRite when I first decided on becoming a locksmith. Having chosen a new vocation, (I was a train driver before) a friend of mine who was a locksmith with LockRite kindly allowed me to shadow him a few days here and there when I could fit it in.

I really liked the professional look of LockRite and I also noticed how busy he was. I eventually went into it alone as a sole trader alongside being a part time train driver. After paying for SEO, advertising, website design and God knows what else, you then realise the hardest part of this industry is indeed getting the phone to ring. People want a locksmith on the spot! It’s generally an emergency service so being high on an internet search is, in my opinion, essential.

Locksmith replacing a uPVC door handle

I maintained a few local jobs a week if lucky, but really needed and wanted more. That’s when the opportunity arose for my area with LockRite. Going into it without seeing first-hand how they worked, I doubt I would ever have invested in a franchise through fear of being ripped off or sold a lie. However, seeing first-hand how they worked, and indeed how busy my friend was, I was confident and trusted them.

So, on joining them I can honestly say it’s been a great move.

Now, locksmithing itself is a great job, of course in my opinion, however it comes with headaches, advertising, getting the work etc as mentioned above but on joining LockRite, this was eliminated overnight.


LockRite provides a designated team that works on your advertising and SEO ranking. James is excellent and is always there for help and guidance. From being ranked 7 in my small town (if I was lucky) to literally overnight, under LockRite, being ranked ether 1st or 2nd, in the whole county! 150 thousand people!!!!! This was the real deal.

Locksmith replacing a lock mechanism


On joining LockRite you will be required to do a few weeks of in-house training in Exeter (great city) with Scott. The training is very high quality. Scott is a perfectionist, and it is NOT the training you would get in one of these “week training courses” you’ll see advertised in a paper (I know, I’ve done one). It’s to set you on a level which will give you confidence out on the road. Scott it also on the end of the phone 24/7 should you run into any tricky jobs out there. That’s part of the franchise agreement, there’s always help available.

The look:

Once fully kitted out, LockRite screams of professionalism. The van, the stock, the backup provided, the brand name. You will look and feel very professional. This does wonders for your confidence and the branding that you will drive around in looks excellent, in my opinion.

Other franchisees:

There has always been support and a friendliness given throughout the franchisees. Everyone I’ve ever spoken to, be it a franchisee in Wales, or Coventry or London have all been nothing but a pleasure to speak with and very helpful. Remember they’ve all been in your shoes and have always seemed more than happy to help.

The Team:

Whether you prefer to take your own calls or have them diverted to the team, sooner or later you will be speaking to them on a regular basis which is a delight. Great team and a good laugh.


Work and money earned. This will always, I think be dependent on your area, and of course, you. Different areas will of course be a major factor in how busy you’ll be. You can’t compare London to say Isle of Shelly, but in joining LockRite, it will, in my opinion, give you one of the best starts, if not the best start, you’ll have in cracking that area/county.

I have never regretted joining LockRite, even joining through the pandemic. The rest is up to you. Good luck.

The success of our franchisees reflects the strength and effectiveness of the LockRite franchise model. When you join LockRite, you’ll have access to the same resources and support that have propelled Matt into a successful locksmith business.

Are you ready to start your own path to success in the locksmith industry? Take the next step and call our franchise team to learn more about the LockRite opportunity.

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