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LockRite Locksmith Franchise

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the LockRite Locksmith Franchise

Yes absolutely, with LockRite you will get the very best training package available in our Industry to ensure you are trained to the very high standards we expect of our Locksmith Franchisees. You will then additionally have access to specialist training through our Trade Partners and top up training where necessary.

Your work will come from domestic customers as well as jobs from our National & Regional clients. Your Customers will come from a variety of sources which include: Internet advertising, large companies dealing direct with LockRite and your own localised marketing efforts following the LockRite system.

Yes, absolutely unlike some other locksmith franchises available, the LockRite franchise is a full time franchise opportunity with massive growth potential.

Yes, as a LockRite franchisee, you’ll be running your own mobile locksmith business, visiting customers and clients on site. Not only will your van get you from A to B, but it will double up as your mobile workshop too, helping keep your overheads down and your profits up.

Yes you are correct, you don’t need previous experience working as a locksmith. Many of our most succesful franchisees are career changers, having had very different career paths in the past. We ensure we fully train you and you meet our high standards before starting trading. Our 5 week locksmith training programme will ensure that you’re confident in all aspects of locksmithing, as well as the business side of it.

Yes, we have many National & Regional Clients and you will be working in the commercial sector with famous high street retailers, restaurant chains, hotels, banks, supermarkets and more, as well as domestic customers who need standard locksmith services, smart locks and alarms fitted or serviced.

Yes that’s true, the LockRite Locksmith Franchise is designed to get you trading and earning money quickly. Typically, a new franchisee will be offered work from their first day of trading onwards. If you are prepared to focus and follow our proven system, then the earnings will follow.

Yes, we have many great reviews from our network of LockRite franchisees. Most of them probably had the same worries and fears you did, so taking time to read the reviews should help you decide if you want to get involved. Read our locksmith franchise reviews.

Absolutely, if you are experienced with locksmithing already, we can take your skills and build on them and help you realise your true business potential with a full franchise, or if you’re an experienced locksmith simply looking for more work, and you have the skills to work as a locksmith subcontractor, you can apply for locksmith jobs here.

To discuss the next step, please feel free to contact us and we will simply arrange a no obligation chat to explore the possibilities together.

A locksmith franchise is a fast way to start a locksmith business under the brand, licence and proven business model of a larger successful Locksmith Company, like LockRite, (the Franchisor).

A locksmith franchise, such as the opportunity offered by LockRite is a great way to become a locksmith. Starting up under a franchised business model is a fast track to get into business and start earning fast.

The cost of a locksmith franchise can vary a lot, it depend very much on the reputation and position the Franchising Company commands in the marketplace as well as other factors such as the training, package and ongoing support the Franchisor provides. Like many things in life, you tend to get what you pay for and often the cheapest locksmith franchise on offer is cheap for an undesirable reason. The final cost for a market leading Locksmith Franchise, like LockRite, is often in the tens of thousands, however the value you obtain from a good franchise package far out weighs the initial investment required and high returns on investment are not uncommon.


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