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Van Based Franchise

The LockRite Van Based Locksmith Franchise Opportunity

If you're looking for a van based franchise opportunity, LockRite is a great franchise to consider

LockRite Locksmith Franchise Van

The LockRite Locksmiths franchise is a van based franchise, and as such, there’s no need to acquire premises. Van based franchises give our franchisees the freedom of owning a ‘man and van’ franchise that doesn’t have the overheads of franchises that require commercial buildings or office space to run. With the LockRite franchise, you get all the benefits of a van based franchise but you also have the back up and support of a professionial team from our National Head Office.

LockRite Bi Turbo Franchise Van

What is a van based franchise?

Van based franchises are very popular and are typically full or part time franchise opportunity that is predominantly run from your own vehicle.

The LockRite Locksmith Franchise is a full time van based franchise opportunity.

Will I need a new van?

At LockRite, we don’t insist that you buy a new van when you become a franchisee. But image is important, so we have several options available, depending on your preference, which can help to keep business overheads to a minimum.

If you’re considering other van based franchises, van requirements will differ from one franchisor to another, you may be able to use a van you already own or a franchisor may request you purchase a particular van from a preferred manufacturer. The van you use is likely to be determined by the franchise in question and the franchisors overall requirements.

If you choose the LockRite Locksmith van based franchise, we can help you decide which van option is the best fit for you and the work you’ll be carrying out daily.

Whichever van you choose, you’ll want to ensure there’s ample storage within the van for the tools and equipment needed to carry out your work effectively. You’ll want to consider the overall size of the van too, as it can affect several things in your day to day work such as parking.

This is likely to depend on the area you cover and the equipment you need.

Some Van Considerations:

  • If you purchase a larger van and you’re attending customers properties, could you park a long wheelbase van on their drive?
  • Could a large van make on road parking difficult for you?
  • Will you need to park your van in multi storey car parks? If so, would your van meet the height restrictions, or would it be over the height limit?
LockRite Locksmith Franchise Van in white
LockRIte Franchisee with his Locksmith Franchise Van

Is a Van Based Franchise For Me?

If you enjoy being on the road, meeting new people and like the idea of visiting customers at their residential or commercial properties, it’s likely that a mobile van business opportunity is the right fit for you.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a strong interest in the trade or business you’ll be providing to your customers. You don’t necessarily need previous experience of the trade as a franchisor will usually provide the appropriate training needed to get you to a confident and skilled level.

Here’s a review from one of our franchisees based in Stockport :

“After searching online for career options I stumbled upon a franchise website and delved deeper into looking at different career options to suit my needs – hands on, driving, different locations, own boss, financially rewarding and support … Now I am a fully trained Locksmith with my own large territory, fully kitted out and sign written van, constant work from day 1 and a team, or should I say work family, behind me helping us all succeed for the future.”

James Horsfield, Stockport
Read James’ full review of the franchise

Promoting your van based franchise

Van based franchises will utilise van signage to promote the brand, providing a mobile advertising opportunity.

Work will come from a number of sources including online and offline advertising efforts, word of mouth and the franchisor themselves depending on the franchise set up.

At LockRite, you’ll have web pages tailored to you and the territory you cover, managed and monitored by our own in house team. As well as generating work through our websites, we train you in the methods and marketing skills to help you generate your own customers.

LockRite Franchise Van in Silver

The LockRite van boasts LockRite’s accreditations, an eye catching colour scheme, memorable LockRite logo, easily readable contact number and more.

You can read more about the LockRite Van based locksmith service at

All Franchisees have a LockRite branded van

Franchisees are based in their own designated franchise territory, covering a postcode radius from their van.

Three LockRite Locksmith Franchisees

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